Gua Sha translates to “scraping” technique, and it sounds much scarier than it actually is! This technique is ancient and it works wonders for sore, tight muscles, especially whiplash or frozen shoulder.

Gua Sha is done by applying massage oil or Chinese Medicine liniments to the neck, back or limbs of the body and gently gliding down from top to bottom using a Chinese ceramic soup spoon.

By gently gliding the spoon along the surface of the skin in a repetitive manner what ends up coming up to surface under the skin is called Sha. For lack of a better description it looks like a hickey. It is not a bruise. And generally it does not hurt during or after the procedure is over. It takes a maximum of 3-5 minutes to do this and the relief is amazing. The Sha markings last about 5 days at the max and once they disappear you have less tension, numbness or pain in the area that was affected.

Gua Sha works and I strongly recommend it for cases with Neck, Back and upper limb pain and tightness.